Vaccine development, drug treatments, clinical trials, testing….the life sciences have never seemed more important! Are you interested in being part of it? If so, 欧博 is a great place to start.

We offer programs in three specialized areas designed to meet your interests. All are led by highly qualified faculty and feature small class sizes, exceptionally well-equipped laboratories, research and internship opportunities, and generous transfer scholarship options.

学位课程 for Career and 转移:

生物工程的一个.S. 学位课程

Are you interested in molecular design or biomechanics, or maybe you’re intrigued by the promise of artificial tissues and organs? Bioengineering might be the place for you. 我们的一个.S. degree program 在生物工程 offers both the theoretical foundation and hands-on skills you’ll need to get started. Under an agreement with the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Science, your GBCC degree will allow seamless transfer to the Durham campus, 完成一个B.S. 在生物工程.

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生物技术的.S. Degree and Certificate Programs

Biotechnology is a field that has enormous implications for the future and has impacted our lives by revolutionizing how we diagnose and treat disease, 延长寿命, 养活地球, and remediate the environment. Our nationally recognized program prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the biotechnology industry or continue onto a four-year university. Certificates are available for students who want to enter the Biotechnology industry without committing to a full degree program. Degree students can transfer seamlessly to UNH-Manchester to complete a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, or transfer to the UNH-Durham College of Life Science 和一个griculture to pursue other life sciences degree options.

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Learn more about the 生物技术的dvanced Certificate Program

生物科学A.S. 和一个.A. 学位课程

Know that you’re interested but not quite sure where you fit in? Our degrees in Biological Science offer a broad-based foundation in biology and chemistry that will develop your skills and knowledge while providing you the flexibility to explore. 两个A.A. 和A.S. degrees transfer seamlessly to a wide variety of life sciences degree programs at the University of New-Hampshire and beyond.

Learn more about the 生物科学A.S. 学位课程

Learn more about the 生物科学A.A. 学位课程

Paid Research and Internship Opportunities:

每年, through grants from the National Science Foundation (NH-EPSCoR)National Institutes of 健康 (NH-INBRE), selected GBCC life science students have the opportunity to move beyond the classroom to engage in research either on campus or in labs at our 4-year partner institutions. Biotechnology and Bioengineering students may also apply to participate in a variety of established internship opportunities with life science and advanced manufacturing company partners. Students are compensated for both research and internship experiences.


Pathways to Professions in the Biosciences 转移 奖学金

每年, graduating GBCC students transferring to any degree program in the College of Life Science 和一个griculture at UNH are eligible to apply for a P2P 转移 Scholarship. Awarded on the basis of merit and need, up to ten scholarships of up to $10,000 each are awarded each year. P2P scholarships are renewable for a second year upon successful completion the first and are funded by the National Science Foundation S-STEM program.

NH BioMADE 转移 奖学金

GBCC students transferring to the Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering B.S. degree programs at UNH-Durham, or the Biotechnology B.S. degree program at UNH-Manchester are eligible to apply for a NH-BioMADE 转移 Scholarship. Upon transfer, selected students are eligible to receive $5,000/year for up to three years. 奖学金 are awarded on the basis of both merit and need and are funded by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR program. Up to six scholarships are awarded to CCSNH graduates each year.


For more information, contact Dr. 金正日威廉姆斯, Chair of Life and Physical Sciences, at (电子邮件保护). You may also contact the Admissions Department at (电子邮件保护) or (603) 427-7600.